Terms of Service Summary

By using the Mobil-Eyes-Us (MEU) application, you are agreeing to the following terms:

Privacy and data

MEU gathers the following personal data provided by users: username; email; and password.

We store your data on a third-party hosted database in an encrypted form. Currently, we are using Firebase by Google. Here’s a link to their terms of service. All data is encrypted in transit and since we hold the keys, Firebase can’t access your information. We store the keys on another third-party server, hosted by Digital Ocean. Here’s a link to their terms of service.

We will not voluntarily share your information with any third-party outside of these services. If we are served with legally binding requests, we will make reasonable efforts to protect your data, but may be obliged to comply.


All copyrights and responsibility belong to the original authors of the video live-streams from frontline witnesses shared on MEU.

All of the content produced by the MEU team and distant witnesses inside the platform, such as translation and context, is licensed with Creative Commons (CC BY-SA).

TOS Modification

MEU will use push notifications or emails to keep users updated about any change to these terms.